What types of handsets do you offer?

At ETA Phones, we carry a wide selection of handsets including old and newer models from your favorite brands including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

What are the requirements for a no credit check mobile phone?

The requirements are pretty straightforward. To be eligible for a no credit check mobile phone, you must be of legal age, a resident in the UK and must provide proof of steady income.

Do I need to be employed?

You can be self-employed, working part time or full time. Either way, you are welcome to apply for a phone contract at ETA Phones. As long as you have a steady stream of income per month, you are eligible for a no credit check phone despite your bad credit score.

How long do phone contracts lasts?

At ETA Phones, we offer phone contracts at 12, 18 or 24-month terms. You can tailor your terms according to your needs and what you can afford.

What happens if I can’t afford the monthly fees anymore?

In the event that you can’t afford the monthly fees for your phone contract, we recommend speaking with us immediately. We can make new payment arrangements if necessary. Otherwise, please bear in mind that there are fees associated with late payment or nonpayment.

Can I upgrade my handset?

Yes, you can upgrade your handset later on provided that you meet the requirements. In general, you should be a good payer and has been with the contract for a few months to take advantage of upgrade option.

Do you offer free gifts?

Yes, we offer free gifts for some phone deal contracts. Please call customer service if you want a free gift option to go with your mobile phone contract. Free gift choices include laptops, tablets, plasma TVs and many more.