You Guide to Mobile Phone Tariffs

When shopping around for a phone contract, majority of people focus on the perfect handset choice. But there’s another part to phone contracts than just the perfect handset. Equally as important is your phone tariff choice. With so many options available out there, however, it can be difficult not to mention complicated to choose the right tariff for you. This guide hopes to help you make the right decision:

What are the types of phone deals?

Before you can choose the right phone tariff, it helps to understand the different types of phone deals. In the UK, there are three options you can choose from. One is pay as you go or PAYG, which is perfect for light users. With PAYG, you need a handset of your own which you simply top up with credit when needed. You have more control on your phone bill seeing that you only pay up if you need to call, text or use data.

Sim only contract is another type of phone deal suitable for people who are looking for a cheaper fixed monthly fee. With Sim only options, you only get a Sim card as part of the deal. That means enjoy cheaper rates on calls, texts and data but without the option to choose your own handset. You need to have your own hander in order to avail the deal.

Of the three types of deals, phone contracts are the most popular because it offers a handset of your choice and a phone bundle you can tailor for your needs. Phone contracts, however, charges a higher fixed monthly fee depending on the cost of your handset and package for calls, texts and data.

What are included in a phone tariff?

Between the three types of phone deals, it is with sim-only contracts and phone contracts where you need to choose a phone tariff. There are three elements you need to consider when choosing a tariff which include inclusive minutes, inclusive texts and data. To know more about phone tariffs, Uswitch has more info for you.

Majority of providers today are now offering phone bundles for light, average and heavy users. Many deals even offer unlimited texts and generous allowances for calls and data. The trick is to know your needs first then look for a bundle that meets your needs to a tee to guarantee huge savings in the long run.

Every phone deal offers inclusive minutes, which cover your calls for the entire month. The allowances vary from deal to deal. Your job is to look for a phone tariff to match your needs. If you’re a heavy texter, opting for phone tariffs that offer unlimited texts per month makes perfect sense. It also pays to look for a tariff that offers generous data allowance if you tend to rely on your phone for Internet browsing, email, etc.

How to find the right tariff?

In order to find the right tariff, there’s really just one important thing you need to do. Start by assessing your needs thoroughly. If you’re already a phone contract subscriber, you can check previous bills for a precise estimate of your needs. If this is your first time choosing a phone tariff, you can start with a modest estimate of your needs that you can later adjust accordingly if needed.